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                     SRN Micro is one of the growing software developing concern and it has earned an international reputation as a developer of "SOLO" Antivirus software on multiple platforms.

                     SRN Micro also develops Web-based solutions, including applications, content, e-commerce and online services.The company is committed to enhancing its current relationships with customers while, at the same time, reaching out in new and creative ways to address customers in untapped and emerging markets.

                     Recently SRN Micro unveiled a new corporate strategy designed to build on its core strengths while capitalizing on its standing as a global technology leader. Our main goal is strengthening the company's position in the antivirus market.

                     In addition, the company is aggressively pursuing opportunities for the future in new high-growth and high yield markets. SRN Micro will continue to broaden its support of the Web, delivering the Internet's versatility to customers through exciting Web-based applications, content and services.

                     With a full fledged complete in-house test facility, adequates financial backup and a long list of satisfied customers, SRN Micro systems is poised for a major growth and rededicates its committment towards total customer satisfaction.