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                     We are looking for new partners around the world to offer Solo Anti-virus products to customers from single user to corporate world. SRN Micro provides its partners with the profitability tools needed to take advantage of the numerous revenue opportunities in the computer security area. 

                     If you already have a distributor in your country, you can contact them for more details. If there is no Solo distributor in your country you can apply for distributor license.

Partners will Receive:

  • Marketing, lead generation and sales tools that allow you to profit from the straightforward resale of Solo products.
  • Post-sales support tools and technical training that allow you to establish additional profit-making opportunities such as consulting, support and training.

                     Our goal is to help you get selling our products quickly and easily to maximize your profits and provide the ongoing support necessary to keep you competitive. SRN Micro’s Sales Team is 100% committed to selling through the reseller channel.

For reseller and distributors inquires please mail to with contact details and sales figures in other areas.