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Virus Name  : VBS/Monopoly

Alias             : I-Worm.Monopoly, VBS_MONOPOLY

Virus type    : VBScript worm

Threat level : Low

Virus details :

                     Monopoly is a VBScript worm, uses Microsoft OUTLOOK and it sends information about who runs the file. When run, it will display a message saying "Bill Gates is guilty of monopoly. Here is the proof.". Then it will show a JPG file, which shows Bill Gates face in the monopoly game.


                     Monopoly has been created using Visual Basic Script and it works under Windows Scripting Host (WSH) version 5.0 or later. When the script is executed, it first creates three files to Windows temporary directory: "monopoly.jpg", "monopoly.whs" and "monopoly.vbe". After these files has been created, the worm will show a message box with the following text:

                     VBS/Monopoly attempts to mass mail itself to each recipient defined in the Outlook address lists. This message looks like the following:

Subject:         Bill Gates Joke
              Bill Gates is a guilty monopoly. Here is the proof. :-)

Also, it will send an e-mail with information like name, organization, country, language, UIN files (from Icq), all names and addresses of the address book, Internet Explorer start page and more, to the addresses "", "", "", "","".

The VBE code will check the registry for "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OUTLOOK.Monopoly\", If it is true it will not be executed in the same machine.

How can I protect my system?

                   Solo has incorporated VBS/Monopoly in its signature file to protect users from this worm attack. Solo antivirus registered users are already protected from this worm. Make sure that you have installed registered version of Solo Antivirus to protect your system from all virus threats.

                   To protect your system against infection, disable Windows Scripting Host by following these steps: Click the Start button, Settings, Control Panel, then select Add/Remove Programs, then select the Windows Setup tab, then double-click Accessories, scroll down to Windows Scripting Host, and uncheck the box. Save changes and close the window.

How to remove this worm?

                   If you are already infected with this worm, you can remove it from your computer using Solo Antivirus software. Solo antivirus can detect and remove VBS/Monopoly safely. Use the following link to Download 30 day trial version of Solo antivirus to remove viruses from your computer.

                   Solo anti-virus not only scans for all viruses, it contains a unique System Integrity Checker to protect you from New Internet Worms, Backdoors and malicious VB, Java Scripts. It also effectively removes all existing Internet Worms, File viruses, malicious VB, Java scripts, Trojans, Backdoors, boot sector, partition table and macro viruses.

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